Monday, 2 June 2014

TGOU university does not count the marks of Master's Thesis

TGOU university, Nagaland does not count the marks of Master's Thesis for Postgraduate degrees and the Bachelor's Thesis in the Bachelor Degrees offered through distance education.
If there are 5 papers in the First Year and 5 papers in the Second year, the marks are counted out of 1000 for percentage. It should have counted 100 marks for Thesis also, nor does it depict in the marksheet anything about the Thesis. In the rules, however, it mentions that every student has to submit a thesis before appearing of the final examination.

Some courses have only 4 papers in the second year.

Moreover, the courses of TGOU are not recognised by the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) of UGC. The University has also not updated the students with any news of whether they are doing anything to get recognition from the DEB.

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