Saturday, 14 December 2013

TGOU closes its New Delhi office at IIEE

The Global Open University has closed its Central Coordination Office located at IIEE, New Delhi on 30 November. TGOU was using the centre for distance education activities. Recently the UGC / DEB issued notification that Universities cannot establish an off campus centre, study centre in other states outside its jurisdiction.
TGOU has taken a positive step by retreating back to Nagaland to ensure validity to its degrees and to safeguard the future of thousands of students. The distance education of TGOU now will be operated from its headquarters at Dimapur in Nagaland.


  1. Thanks for the update,

    But i have one query regarding the degree, As i know that TGOU has won the case against DEC for the old degree provided by TGOU. What will happen to those people will it be considered valid or not?

    1. The Court has provided recognition to TGOU from the erstwhile DEC till the date they hold inspection of the TGOU campus and assess their courses. This means TGOU has temporary recognition still running on this date unless and until the new DEC i.e. DEB of UGC does not by notification issues a new recognition or clearly Cancels its recognition.


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