Saturday, January 19, 2013

Website of Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Prayag, Allahabad, U.P.

Many readers were searching for the website of Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Allahabad. 
Many people had done some courses from this institution. So they wanted to know if this institution is recognised by the goverment or not.

Recognition Status of Hindi Sahitya Sammelan:
Sahitya Vishard i.e., Sahitya Madhyama or Uttama i.e., Sahitya Ratna (with Hindi Sahitya) of the Hindi Sahitya Sammelan, Prayag are recognised by the Karnataka State Open University, Mysore (State Govt.University, UGC, MHRD, DEC, AIU approved Univ.) for admission to its M.A. Hindi (Open Univ System) degree.

The below given image of Recognition Letter from the MHRD, Govt of India.

Is Vaid Visharad and Ayurved Ratna Degrees from HSS recognised? :
They are recognised only till the year1966 or so. After that the Govt of India asked to HSS to stop this course keeping in view the provisions of Medical Council of India / Indian Medicine Council.

The institution is recognised by the government of India. But many fraud agents have been selling fake degrees / certificates of this institution. For example, Shiksha Visharad, a teacher training programme for Hindi Teachers is recognised if it is done from two recognised colleges in Kerala. But many fraud agents sell the self made marksheets and degree certificates (not isssued by the institution) in other states like Gujarat, Maharastra, U.P. Bihar and many other states. Readers/Students please beware since these documents are fake. 
Shiksha Visharad from the two colleges of Kerala are only valid for job. The address of these colleges are given below:
If you have obtained a marksheet and certificate of Shiksha Visharad from any other institute or any agent, they are fake and invalid. Shiksha Visharad is done as a regular course only and not as a correspondence or private sitting exam. 

Recently the institution developed their website and is now online. 
Please check their new website here:

For any query on qualifications from this institution you may put a comment on this page.


  1. I got a Uttama degree, is it do i check the genuineness?

  2. @dnextguy,
    Sorry for the late reply.

    If the study centre where you appeared for the exam is recognised, your degree will also be recognised. (Inquire with your study centre).
    Alternatively, send a Xerox copy of your documents to the Sammelan Address with Rs 50/- DD and request for verification. (You may also prefer to call them or email them)

  3. B ed in karnataka offering a course is it valid r not
    They said correspondence b ed

    1. @ash,

      If you are talking of Shiksha Visharad (B.Ed.) of HSS, Prayag, then it is not valid if offered from Karnataka.
      If you are talking of any other University, then I can comment only if you give the complete detail of the University.

      B.Ed. correspondence from Karnataka State Open Univ is valid but it is offered only to in-service teachers with minimum of two years teaching experience in Karnataka.