Monday, 7 February 2011

Insurance for Teachers and Students

What is K.I.L.B ?
There is a T.V. advertisement by bollywood actor Irfan Khan, an ad about an insurance company called Aegon Religare. Irfan uses the short form KILB. KILB से बचो. In an earlier ad he had asked "क्या आपको KILB हे?" (Do you have K.I.L.B? Many viewers wonder after all what is this KILB?
Mastering Insurance Marketing: Insurance Marketing Is Changing DramaticallyAnswer: K.I.L.B stand for Kam Insurance Lene ki Bimari. (कम इन्सुरंस लेनेकी बीमारी) in English, disorder of taking low insurance.
It is always advisable to take insurance. This applies to students and teachers also. In Rajasthan, India, and may be in all other states also, it has now become compulsory for all school to get a gruop insurance for all students.

Coming Soon:
If you are a teacher, a new scheme is going to be launched soon. It is called "Insurance for Teachers".
If you want to be updated / informed when it gets launched, please click here. 

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