Friday, 21 May 2010

Tips for Developing Reading Habits among Children

Researches prove that children who read for about 20 minutes daily score better in their school tests.
Reading does not mean reading only the textbooks. It includes various studying material like newspaper, novels, comics, webs, etc.
It is very essential that parents develop the reading habit of their children right from their infancy.
First of all parents must themselves spend a substantial time reading. If children see their parents reading daily, they understand that reading is not just a part of school curriculum, but is a part of our lifestyle.
Time for T.V. and video games must be reduced and controlled. So that you get time for reading.
All members of the family should get together for reading. If the child in at elementary level, reading aloud also should be encouraged.
Parents should read stories to their children.
Children should be asked to read stories to the parents or younger siblings.
Various books must be readily available in all the rooms of the house.
Get a library membership for all the members of the family.
There are many other ways to promote reading habits.

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader!!!

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