Sunday, 23 May 2010

Green Teacher - A New Term

The new term Green Teacher is used for environmental educators. Earlier environmental educators only provided theoretical knowledge about environment. But a green teacher is expected to do further more. That is, they have to take up practical measures for the betterment of environment. They will not only teach that use of plastic is bad for environment, but themselves also will stop the use of plastic. Just giving a lecture on the importance of tree in controlling climate change and taking up a project to grow 100 trees in the school/college/roadside and then taking care of those tree, are both different things. The later is expected from the Green Teacher.

If you are interested in getting a Diploma in Environmental Education (also called Green Teacher Diploma) offered through Distance Education / Online, please visit
This course is recognised by the Govt of India and The Commonwealth of Learning.

Happy Greening!!!
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    very informative post...thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you Amrit. It is nice that you liked the info. you can post your query related to Environmental Education here.


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