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Solved Textbook Questions:Class 7, English Reader, (RBSE / RSTB / SIERT)

English Reader, Class 7 / VII, Rajasthan State Textbook Board Jaipur (Rajasthan) / State Institute of Educational Research and Training, Udaipur 

Solved Textbook Questions:

1.     The Unique Sacrifice
1. Which trees were being cut down by the Royal people and why?
Ans  Khejari trees were being cut down by the Royal peple. Because they were commanded to do so.
2.  Who was the supervisor of the team?
Ans The Hakim, Girdhari Lal, was the supervisor of the team.
3. How many people lost their lives and why?
Ans  363 people lost their lives to save the khejari trees from being cut down.
4. How did Amrita Devi protest?
Ans  Amrita Devi shouted at the woodcutters to stop cutting, she also requested the Hakim to stop his men. But when nobody heeded, she clasped a tree to stop the woodcutters.
5. What did Maharaja Abhay Singh do when he came to know about the massacre?
Ans  Maharaja Abhay Singh immediately rushed to the site and stopped his men. He put a permanent ban on felling of trees there and also declared the deceased as martyrs.

2.     My Dream School
Part 1
1. Who is Janki Lal?
Ans  Janki Lal is a poor mason.
2. How many members are there in this family?
Ans  There are four members in his family.
3. What is the name of Janki Lal’s wife?
Ans  The name of Janki Lal’s wife is Gauri.
4. Where do Janki Lal and Sugan go?
Ans  Jank Lal and Sugan go to Jagdish Sharma, the school teacher.
5. What does Vidya want?
Ans  Vidya wants to go to school.
Part 2
1. What does Gauri say to Janki Lal?
Ans  Gauri says to Janki Lal that their daughter, Vidya, is asking them to send her to school.
2. What was Janki Lal’s reply?
Janki Lal replied in negative saying that he had limited earnings.
3. What did Manghu say to it?
Ans  Manghu said that he too did not go to school. Only rich people can afford schooling.
4. Why was Janki Lal worried?
Ans  Janki Lal was worried because his daughter wanted to go to school and he did not have enough money.
5. Why did Sugan take Janki Lal to Jagdishji?
Ans  Sugan took Janki Lal to Jagdishji to solve Janki Lal’s problem.
Part 3
1. What information was given by Mr Jagdish Sharma about RTE?
Ans  Mr Jagdish Sharma informed that RTE insists on free education for children from 6 to 14 years of age all over the country. They get free education, free books and mid-day meal.
2. How was Vidya’s dream fulfilled?
Ans  Vidya could go to the village school. She got admission just on basis of her birth certificate. She could get free education, free uniform, free books and mid-day meal. In this way, her dream was fulfilled.

4. Reduce Waste
1. What are the preferred options for managing waste?
Ans  Methods of waste reduction, waste reuse and recycling are the preferred option for managing waste.
2. Where are we supposed to dispose our kitchen waste?
Ans  We are supposed to dispose our kitchen waste into a pit in the garden to make manure.
3. How are plastic bags dangerous to animals?
Ans  Plastic bags are dangerous to animals. Many animals die by swallowing plastic bags. They also die due to suffocation when their heads get stuck in them.
4. How are plastic harmful to the environment?
Ans  Plastic causes great harm to the environment. It does not allow the soil to breathe. It causes pollution of soil, water and air.
5. Which place becomes the breeding place for harmful bacteria?
Ans  Garbage bin, where the waste begins to rot, becomes the breeding place for harmful bacteria.
6. How can we encourage the public to help in waste prevention?
Ans  To encourage the public, we can ask them to bring reusable bags for packaging and to choose reusable products like cloth napkin and reusable containers.
7. What safety measures has the government taken to manage waste reduction?
Ans  The government has taken many safety measures: Plastic bags are banned, reuse of shopping bag is mandatory, waste collector goes door to door to collect household waste and dustbins are kept in various public places. 

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