Sunday, 5 April 2015


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Mr Atul Parmar
Baroda, Gujarat
Date 06, Feb 2015
Dear Sir,
This is in regard to your application for the post of Medical Officer (Naturopathy and Yoga).
Unfortunately, we had to reject your candidature because of these reasons:
1. You hold DNYS (Diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic Science) qualification through distance education from The Global Open University, Nagaland (TGOU). You appeared for examination from ********* centre in Gujarat.
2. DNYS diploma from TGOU is not approved or recognised by the council of Indian medicine.
3. Several examination centres of TGOU in Gujarat and also other states / cities outside Nagaland are notorious for providing At Home Examination for a bribe of a few thousand rupees.
4. But since TGOU is a statutory university, your DNYS diploma may be a recognized academic qualification but not a recognized medical qualification.
Yours faithfully,
Sunil S.
Manager (HR)

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