Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Total Reader online reading assessment program

Take the next step in staircasing text complexity for your students!
If you have students who are not ready for Common Core's grade-level complex text, you can use the Total Reader online reading assessment program to prepare them in four important ways.
  • Help students slow down: Our leveled test passages give them a short practice session in reading carefully.
  • Expand their vocabulary: After their comprehension is tested by "filling in the blanks" for selected words, they can re-read passages to review missed vocabulary, with you or on their own.
  • Motivate progress: Your students will receive a Lexile measure after each passage they complete, so they can see their progress on the Common Core stretch Lexile bands for college and career readiness, from grades 3 to 12.
  • Give students a varied reading experience: Your students can choose from both literary and informational content on a broad range of topics.
Total Reader provides great support for scaffolding because it returns Lexile measures quickly. You can easily see how much support individual students need before you introduce grade-level text.
You can also use Total Reader to motivate students reading at more advanced levels, for example to help them stay on track for high-stakes tests.
Total Reader is a certified Lexile partner of MetaMetrics, the company that developed the Lexile framework and that worked closely with EDmin to develop Total Reader as a valid reading assessment tool using native cloze items. Learn more here.

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