Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Study online at Recognised University

You can now study online from recognised / accredited Universities. Admission is open for Certificate courses from reputed Universities in USA, UK, Aus etc.

Access to online Universities and tradition univesities' online / distance education department are provided to all the people all over the world. 
You can obtain certificates from these universities. These universities are recognised by the respective Government of country, education dept. national bodies. These are also recognised in other countries.

They charge a fee of US$ 7 (Seven only) for access to the courses of these universities.
For details and applying for registration please click the side image.


  1. Worth checking into. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the guidance. I have just joined the certificate courses and read some study material online. Hope to get the certificate soon.May be in a week. This is what I had always desired. I never thought I will really get a certificate from an Australian university.
    Thanks a lot!!!



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