Sunday, 26 December 2010

Life Experience Degrees for all

Life Experience Degrees are available at many universities. Any one who has exhibited an excellent professional experience but has no degree can be eligible for a life experience degree.

Many government accredited universities confer Honorary Degrees to VIP's and Celebrities or Industrialists or Political workers etc.

Receiving Honorary Degree At Amherst CollegeBut a common person may not be considered for such prestigious degrees. S/he has to earn it by hard work by going for a regular course or a distance education course and sitting an examination.

For professionals who do not have a degree but are already successful in their work, may opt for life experience degrees offered by some non-government universities. Such degrees may not be eligible for job or further studies. But successful people use such degrees to suffix it to their names. This is what they want. They do not depend and do not have to depend on government degrees.

You can also apply for a life experience degree from various universities: It available for people of all countries including India, USA, UK, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore etc.


  1. So can I be an Honorary Doc of Blogging?

  2. Of Course you can, if you are an expert.


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