Thursday, 13 May 2010

Importance Of Books

Books are very important for Students and Teachers. Books are by themselves symbol of Students and Teachers. They are important not only for them but also for every person. Books are our best friends.

Books have been around for centuries but for much of that time they were not available to the common person. Only the upper classes or monks and scholars were able to read.But today, it for every individual.

we should make reading books our daily habit. Researches prove that children who read additional books about 20 minutes a day, perform better in the school.

Many people think, what is the importance of books in the age of computers.Well, we may debate upto any extent, but we will generally agree that everything has its own value. There is an Indian saying that where there is a need of a needle, what will a sword do? Means, everything has its own importance.

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