Saturday, 15 May 2010

Do not Keep your Books Uncared, Give Away. Spread the knowledge.

In my earlier blog, I said about the importance of books. I would ilike to emphasis that we should respect Books. It gives us knowledge. When we have done with a book, we should give it to our relatives and friends and even unknowns so that the knowledge spreads far and wide.

If you have some old books which you now no longer uses, do not spoil them keeping with you uncared. Give to others , spread the knowledge.

If you are in need of money or you need some new books, you also sell your old books. You will get money by which you can buy some new books.


  1. Public libraries are generally willing to take book donations and either circulate them or sell them in the bookshop to support the library.

  2. I agree with Rob. You can donate your old books to a public library.


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